Local author is set to speak at conference about Sectarianism

Leela Soma
Leela Soma

Author Leela Soma is taking part in a conference about sectrianism tomorrow (Friday, March 20).

One of her poems has been published in an anthology which will will be launched at the event, which is called ‘Mixing The Colours: Women Speaking about Sectarianism’.

Author of ‘Twice Born’, ‘Bombay Baby’ and ‘Boxed In’, Leela, from Milngavie, said: “I’m proud to have a poem in the anthology.

“We have curated a creative learning experience for our conference programme to explore sectarianism in the context of wider gender inequality.”

Much of the work recounts the memories of child- and young adulthood. It conveys the words of parents, warnings about how to behave at Orange Order parades and reflects on the feelings and challenges they felt as children.

Many of the stories share aggressive or violent incidents, forbidden friendships and love-interests. They tell of the physical restrictions placed on women as young people, places they could not or should not go and cautions of where they wouldn’t be welcome.