List of problems at new flats

Rubbish: hasn't been collected since Christmas
Rubbish: hasn't been collected since Christmas

A woman who was looking forward to moving into a brand new flat in Bearsden says it has been a very stressful experience.

Alison Irwin (47) moved to a newly built Miller Homes flat in St Andrew’s Way, which is owned by Bield Housing Association, at the beginning of December last year.

She pays rent and a communal service charge which should ensure that the communal area is well maintained with lighting. However the main light at the front entrance has not worked since she moved in and residents had to use the back entrance, which has steps, for several weeks.

Miss Irwin said; “I nearly broke my key and leg trying to get into the flats at Christmas time because I couldn’t see but Bield said it wasn’t an emergency.

“I’ve never been so unhappy since I moved here.”

Residents are also scared to use the lift as one of them got trapped in it for over an hour. When she pressed the button for assistance they told her it wasn’t an emergency. And the stairwell was freezing cold for four nights in February after a resident accidentally set off the fire alarm and the vent automatically opened in the roof.

Residents did not know how to close it and no-one came from Bield. The lift was also automatically shut down.

On top of all this, binmen have been unable to collect refuse from the property since Christmas because they are locked up and residents can’t park in their spaces because contractors use them. The buzzer also doesn’t work.

A Bield spokesperson said: “St Andrews Way was designed with Miller Homes to add to the supply of affordable homes in East Dunbartonshire.

“This development only completed in November 2014 and it is entirely expected for a number of minor snagging items and as these are highlighted we seek to have them remedied by the contractor.

“However we are aware that some of the items that Ms Irwin has raised are more significant and have prioritised these to ensure that safety and security of residents is not compromised.

“We have also met with Ms Irwin this week to explain our commitment to resolve matters.

“We’ll continue to monitor progress of these items to ensure that the flats in general and the common areas in particular are operating to both Bield’s and the residents’ satisfaction.”