Lights, camera, action - it’s all go for Ryan’s movie

ryan on film set
ryan on film set

A TALENTED Bearsden film-maker is delighted that his low budget film set in the Scottish Highlands has gone on general release.

Former Douglas Academy pupil Ryan Hendrick (27), from Chesters Road, was also ‘stunned’ when his movie picked up the prestigious Gold Ebenezer award at the Festival of Nations in Austria last year.

The taut thriller Minds of Glass, directed by Ryan and produced with Ewan Macfarlane and Robert McGroary, also from Bearsden, attracted actors from Hollywood blockbusters such as Braveheart and Gangs of New York.

It tells the story of a young film maker trying to escape a manipulative woman from his past at his remote island holiday retreat.

Ryan, who now lives in Duntocher, said: “The film played at a few events and festivals last year and seemed to go down well with the audiences.

“It is by no means perfect, we were making all the mistakes in the book and learning from them, but the imperfection that myself and the producers see are invisible to the audience.

“I love to sit at the back of the auditorium and watch the audience, not the film, and judge how they are reacting and relating to the film.

“You always see better ways of doing it afterwards, and that’s the challenge to accept that as part of the course of constantly learning, the moment you don’t see how you’d do it better is when you retire.

“Technology is moving so fast nowadays, we live in an age where big cinema distribution isn’t the only way to get your film out to the masses. Proper online distribution where you can rent a streaming video, buy a download or even a DVD via the internet is a real and innovative way forward for struggling artists from every field. I think in years to come this will become the norm.”

Minds of Glass was shot on location in Tarbert on Loch Fyne, at St Peters Seminary Cardross, Scotus College in Bearsden and Rhu Marina near Helensburgh for less than £3,000.

It features a musical soundtrack by Michael Hines, director/producer of the hit BBC sitcom Still Game.

Stars include Bill Murdoch, who is best know for roles in Gangs of New York, Braveheart, Still Game, Taggart, The Wicker Tree and A Shot at Glory, along with Chris Summers from the Scottish superhero movie Night is Day and Natalie Clark from a new film called Timelock, which is due out this year and a recently sold out production of The Crucible.

Watch the film online at, to rent or buy and through the Minds of Glass facebook page.