Lightguides go Samba crazy with mini album

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banf'for laura
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BEARSDEN band Lightguides have released a mini album called ‘Samba, Samba, Samba’ with Alcopops record label.

Brothers Mark (25) and David Cowan (24), from the Old Bearsden area, have been in bands since they were at school at St Aloysius in Glasgow.

In fact that’s where they met fellow band member Martin Murray (25) but it wasn’t until they had all finished their university courses that they got together to create Lightguides.

Their three-piece band is a bit different from the norm as they have no bass player but their two guitar/one drummer combination is counterbalanced with all manner of kit to create the bass sound. Fans of the band say they wouldn’t have known they didn’t have a bassist as they make enough noise without one.

Drummer David Cowan said: “The majority of folk say they don’t notice.

“There can be some gigs where the sound isn’t great as it can be a bit trebly, but we’ve always tried to make up for it. I feel like it gives me a bit more freedom with my drumming too. I can be more inventive.”

Their mini-album is a collection of seven ‘jaggedy-edged post-hardcore’ numbers with a pop-punk twist and despite being called ‘Samba, Samba, Samba’ there is not a maraca or tamborim in sight.

David said: “I don’t even know what samba music sounds like! We just wanted to call it something a bit fun. We’ve always joked that we’re a pop-punk flamenco band.

“Maybe we should get our samba suits out for tour and brush up on some skills!”

Their mini-album is available through iTunes, emusic and other digital outlets and a hard copy is also available through the Alcopop website.

Go to for more information and a full list of their upcoming gigs.

ON TOP FORM . . . band members Martin Murray, David Cowan and Mark Cowan.