Lift off for Bearsden teenage dancers

TWO Bearsden dancers took part in a spectacular ‘flashmob’ at Prestwick Airport.

Kazmin Borrer (14) and Connor Mullen (13) were among a group who sung and danced for passengers to help raise awareness of a fundraising campaign for the Ayrshire Hospice last week.

They were part of a group of dozens of UKTheatreSchool students who joined in the event.

The dancers performerd a routine which incorporated Burns’ A Man’s A Man, The Proclaimers’ 500 Miles and ended with Auld Lang Syne.

Surprised travellers marvelled at their enthusiasm and were soon joining in the fun!

Kazmin said “It was brilliant working with a live band and so many people in a massive venue.

“It was a great day as we loved watching peoples surprised faces as they wondered what was happening but by the end they were all joining in the routine and at the same time it was all for a great cause. I can’t wait till the next one!”

The idea came from Lady Marion Hunter, whose son Adam attends the theatre school. He and his friends were delighted to help out in the flashmob - where groups of performers turn up at a public space and suddenly perform en masse.

Hospice fundraising manager Louis Jardine said: “What a novel way to launch our biggest fundraiser. It was a first for the UKTheatreSchool and the airport and we would like to thank them both for playing such a fantastic part in the flashmob.”

If you want to see the flashmob, google ‘flashmob Prestwick airport’ and watch it on YouTube.

UKTheatreSchool is holding open auditions on Saturday, March 10 at UK Rehearsal Studios in Glasgow. For more information on how to join, call 332 5192 to request an information pack.

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