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memory lane mulguy co op john tierney with gilbert mcqueen
memory lane mulguy co op john tierney with gilbert mcqueen
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memory lane kirk street milngavie old st joseph's school and church

memory lane kirk street milngavie old st joseph's school and church

100 YEARS AGO - May 24, 1912

A REPORT by Fred Dittmar, the local government board’s medical inspector, on the epidemic of diptheria in Milngavie which started in the autumn of the previous year and had just eased off, was submitted at a meeting of Milngavie Town Council. This report was presented with another on the general sanitary administration of the burgh and Dr Dittmar’s general conclusions were - the diptheria epidemic was fairly widespread involving as many as 80 cases. It was very mild with a low death rate of 2.5 per cent and mainly among school children and mainly in the infant classes.

THERE were only going to be two performances at Milngavie Picture Palace during the week because the Wednesday evening showings had been discontinued. “A most attractive programme was to be presented”, including The Gringo Mine, The Transformation of Mike, At the Hour of Three, The Mate of the Alden Besse and four others.

75 YEARS AGO - May 22, 1937

A MILNGAVIE lady made a lucky discovery. She bought a tin of peas at a grocer’s shop, and after boiling the tin was preparing to dish up the peas for dinner when a ring fell out on to the plate. After she had cleaned it she discovered it was real gold set with three diamonds.

OVER 50 babies were entered into Milngavie Townswomen’s Guild Baby Show which was held in the British Legion Hall on Saturday to celebrate the Coronation. The judges were Dr Pirrie and Mrs Cathcart, Glasgow, and an interested spectator was Mrs Nodwell, president of the West of Scotland Federation of Townwomen’s Guilds. The premier award (a silver porringer and spoon) for the best baby in the show was awarded to May McCann, 9 Woodlands Street, who was aged one and a half and two years old. Each child, other than the prizewinners, received a gift.

50 YEARS OLD - May 25, 1962

PRINCESS MARGARET, the Countess of Snowdon, and her husband, the Earl of Snowdon, were going to make the first Royal visit to Bearsden on Thursday, May 31. They were expected to enter the Burgh by Switchback Road via Macfarlane Road and Milngavie Road and arrive at the new Municipal Buildings at about 10.15am. Members of the public were going to be admitted to the grounds on the Boclair Road side of the north carriageway of the buildings. School children were going to be in allocated places in the grounds of Hillfoot Residential School and lining the route in Milngavie Road.

THELMA MacDONALD, centre organiser of the Womens Voluntary Service, appealed to people in Milngavie and district to donate their outgrown and slightly worn clothing. All garments would be sent to the Western Division clothing store to be distributed to relieve hardship arising from illness or other causes. Oddments of knitting wool were also being gratefully accepted.

25 YEARS AGO - May 22, 1987

THE district council was going to employ professionals to advise them on the best marketing strategy for the lucractive Gavin’s Mill site in Milngavie. Doctors at Ashfield Road surgery had written to the planning committee to tell them they were interested in creating a new purpose-built surgery complex on the site. The planners agreed that the doctors needed more space and thought the health centre would be a good way of encouraging people to the site and integrating it with the shopping precinct.

WESTERTON Garden Suburb was going to be declared a conservation area. The planning committee agreed a recommendation from Councillor Joan Cameron at a meeting to put the plans in motion. She was responding to a report from the chief planning officer Mr Hemfrey which stated that Westerton was almost certainly of ‘outstanding’ quality and should be designated a conservation area.

10 YEARS AGO - May 24, 2002

THE Millennium grandstand at Burnbrae was declared a fire risk, sparking a potential cash crisis for Bearsden and Milngavie Highland Games. West of Scotland Rugby Club feared that the 500 seat structure had become unsafe because of alleged ‘deteriorating and incomplete fire protection’. The Games committee faced a cash flow crisis because it had to pay more than £1,000 to rent office space and toilets while it couldn’t get access to the stand’s facilities.

THE council made a commitment to spend over £18million over the next three years to bring East Dunbartonshire’s crumbling roads up to standard. The development and environment committee agreed the spending plan after claiming it was spending £23,500 a day on road repairs. Sidney Thom of Killermont Road, Bearsden, said: “The spending is long overdue. Everyone in this area is appalled by the state of the roads.”