Letter to Editor: Mugdock Road - No legal powers to stop walkers

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Sir, – The article in last week’s M&B Herald suggests that walkers have been irresponsible in their actions with respect to the works being carried out by Scottish Water on Mugdock Road.

However, Scottish Water have been even more irresponsible because they do not actually have the legal powers to stop pedestrians and cyclists from accessing Mugdock Road.

The temporary Traffic Regulation Order which was promoted by East Dunbartonshire Council on 4th June 2019 on behalf of Scottish Water only bans motorised vehicles from accessing the closed section of Mugdock Road. There is no ban on use by pedestrians and cyclists but Scottish Water have been high-handed in the way that they have erected signs saying No Pedestrians and No Cyclists.

I have drawn this to the attention of the Council and I believe that a revised Order is now being promoted but unless and until this is in place, Scottish Water have no legal right to restrict access by pedestrians and cyclists to Mugdock Road. – Yours etc.,

Ian Lawson