LETTER: Parking bay enforcement at Milngavie

Mains Estate, Milngavie
Mains Estate, Milngavie

Sir, – Following on from your recent article regarding the police clamp down on speeding motorists, I would like to draw the police and the council’s attention to another area of road traffic concern and it`s not just speeding motorists.

A few years ago the council spent a considerable amount of money to create a new pavement and parking bays on Hunter Road.

The bays were provided to give safe parking and open up the Milngavie-bound lane to the increased heavy traffic now using the route both ways to get to and from the industrial estate on Clober Road. To try and give a picture of the traffic flow on this road is not easy but I will give it a go.

For readers unfamiliar with Hunter Road, which is single lane each way, first of all there’s the usual traffic you would associate with approximately 2000 homes in Mains Estate going to work, etc.

This is supplemented by those living in the Clober Estate using this route for the same reason and filling the road during the regular busy periods of 7am to 9am, lunch time and the evening rush to get home.

To this you can now add two regular bus routes and two occasional bus routes. Then there are the vehicles from our own local company, Allander Travel. On top of all this there are the commercial companie coming and going from the industrial estate delivering goods.

You can also throw in all the delivery and courier vans servicing the two housing estates. Now you are probably wondering why I am detailing all these vehicles? What`s so different to all the other roads in Milngavie?

Well remember at the beginning I mentioned that the council had spent a lot of money to provide parking bays.

My question to East Dunbartonshire Council and Police Scotland is: Considering the number of speeding motorists and accidents, why don’t they enforce the use of the bays? There is a constant line of cars sitting between the junctions of Castlemains Road and Hunter Place. This is in conflict with the recommendations of the Highway Code. – Yours, etc.,

Ian Rankine

by email