Let us know if you’re doing something to help those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines

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The recent disaster in the Philippines which has claimed thousands of lives and affected over 11 million people has surely touched all our hearts.

Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan are increasingly desperate for food, shelter, water and medical supplies and an appeal has been launched by the Disasters Emergency Committee - an umbrella group of the UK’s 14 biggest aid charities - to raise as much money as possible to help them.

As little as a £1 donation can buy a family of five water purification tablets for 12 days to protect them from disease.

Or it could feed one of the 2.5 million people who are in desperate need of food for a whole day.

New Kilpatrick Church in Bearsden will be collecting money for the disaster on Sunday after their service which starts at 10.30am and ends at 11.30am.

The minister, Rev. Roddy Hamilton, said: “In many ways, what can you say when you see so much devastation. Humanity at it’s best responds by working together and doing something together.

“We will respond as we can and if there is an appeal for certain items such as blankets we will donate to that.”

Bearsden Cross Church is also collecting donations for the appeal - Christian Aid envelopes are available from the church office on Drymen Road every day except Wednesday from 9am to 12pm and money can be handed in after the service on Sunday which starts at 10.30am until 11.30am.

Their first collection wil be sent on Monday so that the money gets to those in need as soon as possible and the appeal will be ongoing every week.

The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald would be keen to hear from other local people or organisations who are doing something to help - perhaps you are arranging a fundraiser or collection?

Or maybe you were in the Philippines when this happened - or you know someone who was out there who was affected?

Please get in touch with our news reporting team on 0141 775 0040 or call reporter Laura Sturrock on 07885981980.