Lenzie pupils become members of the A-team

Photo Emma Mitchell 23.08.16'Lenzie Academy, pupils who did well in exams'S5's
Photo Emma Mitchell 23.08.16'Lenzie Academy, pupils who did well in exams'S5's

Lenzie Academy pupils have more than made the grade, with a total of 46 youngsters receiving straight As in this year’s exams .

In the annual SQA exams 28 S4 pupils achieved 9 A passes in their National 5 exams, whilst 18 S5 pupils achieved 5A passes at Higher Grade.

The overall picture is one of steady and consistent improvement across all exam levels.

Head teacher Brian Paterson said: “I am very proud of the improvements in SQA results we have achieved in recent years.

“As a school we tend to use three year rolling averages to take into account individual year to year variations.

“Using this measure we have seen an increase of 8 per cent for pupils achieving five or more National 5 qualifications since 2012 and an 8 per cent increase in the number of pupils awarded five Higher Grades in the same period, whilst at Advanced Higher we have improved the percentage of pupils achieving one or more Advanced Highers by 3 per cent across the period 2012-16.

“What is particularly pleasing is that it is not just the overall percentage pass rate that has shown significant improvement but also the quality of those passes, with many more pupils achieving high quality qualifications.

“For example, we normally achieve about 50 A passes in Advanced Higher annually whilst this year it increased to 78 A passes (a 44 per cent increase). This is a testament to the diligence of our pupils; our highly supportive parents and the high quality teaching and learning that takes place daily within the school.”

Pupils achieving 9As: Laura Burchell, Jennifer Burr, Hamish Coutts, Emma Cumming, Heather Cunningham, Jonathan Dely, Sarah Dickson, Kirsty Donaldson, Ewan Ferguson, Beth Gilmour, Connor Gray, Elise Hendry, Ashley Lai, Ellie Lavy, Catherine MacDonald, Emma Mahon, Zoe Mair, Hamish McAllister, Laura McCafferty, Georgia McKinney, Mairi McKinnon, Eve Miller, Rebecca Morrison, Eilidh Nevin, Holly Richmond,Beth Seggie, Nina Sosna, Andrew Taylor.

Pupils achieving 5As at Higher: Iman Anwar, Thomas Aston, Isabella Crofts, Sophie Gregg, Georgia Halkett, Robert Haseler, Harry He, Matthew Kennedy, Joseph Lavery, Isla Lister, Kirsty Martin, Naomi McConnell, David Miller, Eloise Milliken, Theresa Namaalwa, Holly Richards, Isaac Tyler, Louise Wilson.