Lead stolen from Milngavie church a FIFTH time

St Paul's Church of Scotland, Milngavie.
St Paul's Church of Scotland, Milngavie.

Heartless thieves have targeted a church in Milngavie for the FIFTH time when they stole lead from the roof last week.

It’s been estimated that it will cost between one to two thousand pounds to fix the damage to the roof where a quantity of lead sheeting was stolen sometime overnight between Tuesday, August 2 and the following day.

About 20 square metres of lead was taken from the roof above the vestibule off the Baldernock Road entrance to the church.

This follows a theft in 2012, two thefts in February 2013 and one in November 2014.

Following these crimes the minister of the church, Rev Fergus Buchanan, agreed that slippery ant-vandal paint should be applied to the roof and the lead was treated with ‘smartwater’ invisible marks to make it easier for the police to trace where it came from in the event of a theft.

Graham Getty, fabric convener for the church, said: “We discovered water was leaking into the loft and vestibule last Wednesday morning.

“It had been raining quite heavily through the night and and the roof had been left open to the elements.

“The proceeds of this type of theft are not great given the scrap cost of metal but what has to be considered is the cost of replacement materials and that of internal redecoration.

“The vestibule area and corridor had been redecorated over the two days immediately prior to this incident.

“Any crime is galling but this type is particularly offensive when it involves places of worship.

“I would ask the general public to be vigilant when passing buildings of this nature.

“Tradesmen generally do not work at night and have or should have clearly identifiable vehicles. If you are in any doubt call the police.

“It would also help if scrap merchants paid more attention to what is submitted to them. They are supposed to ask for identification before taking the stuff in.”

The replacement covering will not be lead.

Police Scotland are currently investigating, if you saw anything suspicious please call the police on 101.