Laura’s training regime starts to pick up the pace in the third week

Reporter Laura Sturrock.
Reporter Laura Sturrock.

So we had to run for a full three minutes in week three - you should have seen the horror on my face when I discovered that!

It seemed like an eternity when I did it for the first time with the running group and I was so relieved when it was time to stop.

I did my second run of the week last Sunday - after I’d had a nap because I’d got home a bit tipsy at 2am the previous night from a friend’s birthday party.

It was a pretty miserable day and it started raining quite heavily when I was out so I put my hood up to keep dry as I was beginning to feel like a drowned rat.

Week three involves a 90 second run followed by a 90 second walk and then a three minute run followed by a three minute walk and then this is repeated again.

The three minute runs were challenging but by my second attempt of the week it was getting a bit easier.

I still need to do my third run of the week - it was snowing last night - give me a break!

My fitness level is definitely building up gradually - slowly but surely.

The hardest part is making yourself go out in the cold, wet and windy weather but once you’re out it’s fine and I always feel great afterwards.

The endorphin rush is definitely addictive and the aching muscles give you a really satisfied feeling.

I’m aiming for a beach body this summer.

Fingers crossed.