Labour launches council poll bid

THE Labour Party has launched its local government election bid, pledging to campaign hard for a new Allander sports centre which is fit for people’s needs.

East Dunbartonshire Council recently voted for a deal which could see a new facility built adjacent to the current one, with no loss of services during construction.

Labour has promised that if their candidates are elected in the May 3 council election poll, they will make sure the local authority sticks by its commitments.

Speaking after the official campaign launch at the Milngavie Precinct clock on Saturday, Milngavie candidate Maureen Henry said: “We want to see a new Allander, that’s very important to us.

“We have been campaigning hard on that and have been very vocal about it, and we want to make sure people don’t lose out and that they get good value for money.”

Mrs Henry, a former teacher, said that making sure children get a high quality education is another Labour priority and insisted that the poorest must be protected from public spending cuts.

She said: “There are going to be cuts and we have to make sure the vulnerable will be looked after.”

Mrs Henry was joined by former MSP Des McNulty, Bearsden North candidate Stewart Moohan and local Labour activists. Manjinder Shergill, the party’s Bearsden Sounth candidate, was unable to attend.

The Labour Party, which runs East Dunbartonshire Council in coalitiion with the Tories, currently has no councillors in Bearsden and Milngavie.