Labour do a deal with LibDems and Tories to seize control of East Dunbartonshire

AN agreement has been reached which will allow a Labour-led administration to be formed on East Dunbartonshire Council.

The party has struck an alliance with the LibDems and the Conservatives to lead the authority.

Following last week’s local elections Labour and the SNP are tied with eight councillors each, with three LibDems, two Tories and three independents.

The Nationalists were hopeful they would be able to take part in an administration coalition.

They even suggested sharing leadership with Labour on a year on, year off basis - but their hopes have been dashed.

Labour group leader Rhondda Geekie said: “After lengthy discussions with all political parties I am delighted that Labour will continue to lead the council.

“Although Labour gained two extra seats, the people here returned a council where no party has an outright majority, so Labour spoke with and carefully discussed options with all the other councillors here.

“The SNP councillors suggested an arrangement whereby Labour and the SNP would take it year-about to occupy certain positions, but we did not feel that was a sustainable way forward.

”We need strong leadership in this council and this agreement will allow the maximum number of Labour policies to be implemented.

“I hope to continue leading the council in an open and inclusive style which puts the people of our area first.”

SNP group leader Councillor Ian Mackay said: “This is areal lost opportunity. The same old tribal ideas come out. We were quite happy to do a deal with Labour about forming a joint administration, so this is very disappointing.”.