Kylie Minogue inspires Anita’s cancer defying musical

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A cancer survivor from Bearsden has written a musical about her experience which includes some of Kylie Minogue’s hits.

Anita Neilson (49) and her sister Marina, who is currently being treated for breast cancer, pulled on their dancing shoes in Glasgow’s Buchanan Street recently to perform a fun and defiant dance, the ‘Cancer Slam’ to inspire women to enter Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life.

Anita, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, three months after Kylie found out she had the disease, was inspired by her battle with the illness.

She has won the backing of Kylie’s choreographer for her musical ‘Your Disco Needs You’ which comes to the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow in October this year.

Mum of one Anita, a nurse lecturer and researcher, found out she had the BRCA2 gene mutation last year and had a double mastectomy and her ovaries removed to reduce her risk of getting cancer again.

Anita encouraged her sister Marina to have the same test carried out and to her horror she found out that she not only carried the mutation but also had breast cancer. She’s had surgery and is starting chemotherapy this week.

The musical is about five breast cancer patients who enter a dance competition to save their local dance studio.

Anita said: “Kylie spoke about her treatment in the press when I found out I had breast cancer.

“I went through treatments at the same time as her and her music and dignity in the way she handled her recovery was inspiring to me.

“She is a marvellous advocate for survivors and we hope that one day Kylie sees our project and gives it her blessing.

“I wrote the musical as a tribute to Kylie and all survivors and fighters of this disease and in memory of all those we have lost to it. I am really excited to spread the word and raise awareness about breast cancer.”

And fitness fanatic Anita, who has always been a keen runner, will be doing the Race for Life with a message on her back to her sister.

She added: said: “Doing Cancer Slam with my sister has helped her take on the fight against cancer. She is Wonder Woman and I am Super Woman!”

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