Know your rights with new NHS website

NHS 24 mobile site
NHS 24 mobile site

A new online resource which brings together information for the public about their health rights, access to health care and national waiting times has been launched.

The Your Health, Your Rights zone has been developed by NHS 24 in partnership with the Scottish Government and will make it easier for patients to access the advice relevant to them in one easy step.

Available at, it will provide information for the public on their health rights and will include information previously produced by Health Rights Information Scotland (HRIS).

The European Cross-border Healthcare National Contact Point (NCP) will provide a wide range of information about healthcare entitlements, availability, quality, safety, access and accountability.

It aims to assist Scots and other European citizens in making informed choices about travelling in Europe to receive treatment or services.

By bringing this information together, the NCP will also be a helpful resource for Scottish NHS patients and the public in general.

The new zone will also incorporate information on national waiting times, in addition to a helpline offering patients in Scotland advice about their rights when it comes to waiting times.

NHS 24 Head of Health Information Services, Marcia Rankin, said: “We have worked with the Scottish Government to bring together clear, accurate and up-to-date information on patient rights and access to healthcare for people in Scotland.

“Whilst the three different resources are distinct in their own right, bringing them together on NHS inform makes it easier for people to get clear and accurate information on their rights and responsibilities and aims to take any uncertainty away for patients.

“The Your Health, Your Rights zone makes this information easily accessible to the whole population through the various contact methods available at NHS inform and equips people to make more informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing.”