Kind Mariam donates hair for sick children

MILNGAVIE.Capellis. Asel Zoma with' Mariam Almuzian (6)'29/11/13/'RC
MILNGAVIE.Capellis. Asel Zoma with' Mariam Almuzian (6)'29/11/13/'RC

A six-year-old girl who grew her hair for three years after watching the hit children’s film ‘Tangled’ FIVE times has had it all cut off for charity.

Plucky Mariam Almuzian from Birrell Road in Milngavie has been growing her hair since she was three years old after she saw the film in the cinema with her mum and her aunt and fell in love with Rapunzel’s long locks.

The Glasgow Academy Milngavie P2 pupil will donate ten inches of her own hair to The Little Princess Trust after hearing about how they make wigs from human hair for children who are ill.

Mariam, who got her long straight brown locks chopped off in Capelli hair salon in Milngavie last Friday, has also raised £450 to pay for making the wig - each one costs £350 to construct.

Mariam, who is the eldest of three girls, said: “I’m doing this because my mum told me about another girl from Milngavie who donated her hair so that it could be made into a wig for sick children and I thought it was a really good idea.

“I felt very sorry for these children and wanted to help them - it doesn’t really matter if my hair is cut as it will grow back but they have none at all - I thought that must be really horrible for them.”

After watching a video on the charity’s website about some of the children who’d lost all their hair due to conditions such as cancer and alopecia, Mariam made up her mind to donate her hair to The Little Princess Trust.

Lubna said: “I’m really proud of her, I think it’s a wonderful thing to do.

“She is a very kind and mature little girl and she understands that it will take a while for her own hair to grow back but that’s not put her off.

“She’s also already raised hundreds of pounds for the cost of making the wig - I think she’s really incredible!”

If you’d like to donate go to Mariam’s just giving page -

The Little Princess Trust works with specialist suppliers and experienced hairdressers who offer wigs tailored to the individual child’s needs to give the most realistic look and feel, as close as possible to their original hair.

They strive to put parents/carers in contact with suppliers as local as possible.

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