Kind ladies knit for babies in Malawi

What do hats, jumpers, blankets and teddies have in common? The answer is the Killearn Friends of Malawi Group which supports projects in Malawi.

Jennifer Barrett from the group, said: “Last year in Ekwendeni hospital in northern Malawi over 6000 babies were born. Many of the mothers were so poor they had nothing to wrap their babies in. You might think that Malawi is a hot country and indeed in places it is. But the nights are cold in Livingstonia in the north as it is 6,500 feet above sea level so there is an urgent need for blankets, baby jumpers and hats . We have been knitting furiously during our long cold winter to help meet that need.”

One knitter, Mrs Helen Faichney is in her mid nineties and her speciality is teddies. She makes about three a week while watching TV and last year she created over 100.