Kim wins Ipod Nano for her skills

balfron high school kim dingwall
balfron high school kim dingwall

Kim Dingwall, an S4 pupil at Balfron High School, got a pleasant surprise when she was awarded an Ipod Nano from a representative of the Institute of Chemical Engineering.

Ron Dalton, who has worked all over the world in many different roles as a chemical engineer, handed over Kim’s prize for a competition she entered in 2011 at a Skills Scotland Fair at the SECC in Glasgow.

The fair was filled with many large employers to provide young people with literature and information about different career paths. Alongside 250 pupils from all over Scotland, Kim completed a short quiz on chemical engineering and how it relates to everyday life.

When Mr Dalton arrived impromptu in the S4 Standard Grade Chemistry class he gave a short presentation on the importance and impact of chemical engineering all over the world.

Mr Dalton said: “Chemical engineering is an excellent career which can solve many of the world’s problems.

“It’s well suited to many people as it combines science and practical work and is ideally placed throughout many alternative fields.”

He spoke of his own experiences working throughout Asia, the USA and Europe and how he was the first man to ever have made black lycra.

A delighted Kim says she is definitely considering pursuing a career in science now.