Kids plan to start again as storm wrecks garden

Castlehill Primary
Castlehill Primary

Nursery children have vowed to raise cash to rebuild their greenhouse after it was wrecked in the storm which hit Scotland last week.

Wee ones at Castlehill Primary’s nursery were dismayed when they saw the damage 8omph winds had caused in their garden.

The greenhouse - where they had planned to plant seeds in the spring - was blown over and wrecked, with its glass panes shattered.

It had only recently been purchased, but the Bearsden school is determined to raise cash for a new one.

Head teacher Suzanne Kenney said: “The nursery children arrived at school to see their recently purchased greenhouse destroyed by the wind.

“The greenhouse was only completed in September and the children had been growing a few plants.

“Staff and children had been looking forward to our first proper growing season next spring. It looks like we’ll have to start again - but we are deternimed that we will get growing again.”

If you can help, call Mrs Kenney on 0141 955 2215.

Storms ripped through the area last Thursday morning, causing rush hour chaos.