Kerri - you’ll be loving her now

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Milngavie’s newest singing sensation - 21-year-old Kerri Watt - is going to release her ​​debut EP at the end of this month.

The catchy tune called ‘Who’s Lovin’ Me Now?’ is out on September 29 through the newly re-launched record label from The Libertines drummer Gary Powell, 25 Hour Convenience Store.​

Built around Kerri’s strident acoustic guitar, with punchy drums, a handclap breakdown and impressive soulful vocals, this song is a feel good slice of California inspired pop/rock.

It’s about trying and failing in short term relationships and not giving up in looking for love.’

Kerri said: “I love music with big anthemic choruses, songs that get your feet stomping. That’s what I aim for.”

Elsewhere on the EP, don’t miss the bluesy ‘Pirate Man’, about a friend taking risks, and the heartfelt acoustic ballad, ‘So Crazy,’ both showcasing Kerri’s eclectic range.

With influences as varied as Fun, Train, Sheryl Crow and Katy Perry, to legends like The Stones, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury, Kerri takes inspiration from her heroes in terms of both song writing and performance. A confident live artist, who can boast some impressive gigs of late, including LA’s Whiskey A Go Go, Glastonbury, Dot-to-Dot Festival and Camden Rocks, for Kerri performing is the heart and soul of what she does. She said: “It’s why I do this. To be on stage, entertaining and engaging with people. I look at the greats and want to emulate some of that stage presence, although my stage personality isn’t quite as extreme as Mick Jagger or Freddie Mercury!”

Kerri was born and raised in Milngavie. A music fan from an early age, thanks to her parents playing Michael Jackson’s Bad on repeat, Kerri starting singing and playing piano at school. She was competing in regional dance shows by the age of eight, and by the time she went to secondary school knew she wanted to pursue a career in the arts. At 16 she convinced her parents to allow her to audition for a theatre school in California. She won a place and moved to Dana Point, Orange County for a year – the start of a love affair with California.

Returning to the UK she studied musical theatre in London for three years before working in a touring musical with Marti Pellow.

What followed was two years of solid gigging and playing open mic nights in and around Glasgow, numerous return trips to America, whilst constantly writing and recording demos. Then, thanks to a chance meeting in Ibiza with the head of Propaganda, Dan Ickowitz-Seidler, Kerri started to focus seriously on getting a deal. With Dan managing, Kerri was introduced to The Libertines drummer Gary Powell, who happened to be re-launching his record label - 25 Hour Convenience Store. After seeing Kerri perform, he offered her a deal on the spot and decided she’d be the perfect artist to re-launch his label. Kerri got to work on recording the EP and three months later, ‘Who’s Lovin’ Me Now’ was born.

Whilst preparing for the release of the EP, Kerri’s been writing non stop and already has more than enough songs for her first album and EP 2 number, taking shape for release early next year, but for now all eyes are on her debut. Kerri added: ‘I’m just looking forward to finally getting my music out there. I’ve been waiting for this all of my life.”