Katee wows 12,500-strong audience at Wembley arena

Katee live on stage at Wembley
Katee live on stage at Wembley

Rising young Bishopbriggs star Katee Kross got a rousing reception from an audience of 12,500 when she performed solo at Wembley arena .

The talented 19-year-old singer/songwriter said she was “blown away” by the 
reaction from the crowd at the dream gig in London 

Katee had originally been down to do a duet with top US blues singer Seasick Steve 
after he spotted her singing on YouTube.

However, after flying to London she learned she would instead play a solo spot, with the headliner watching from the wings.

Katee’s dad and manager Peter O’Neil told the Herald: “Steve gave Katee a big intro and left her on her own on the stage.

“She was blown away when 12,500 people started clapping along to her playing and the cheer she got at the end almost brought the house down!”

Katee added: “I thought the audience would be in darkness and I wouldn’t be able to see any of them.

“But the lights were on and I could see every single face in the crowd which was amazing.

“That really added to the performance because they were all really welcoming and cheered me on. It was great.”

Katee said her knees were “knocking together with nerves” but as soon as she got on stage and started playing, she said she was “in my comfort zone”.

Her performance was three minutes long and she added: “I wanted to do it all again!”

Agents for Seasick Steve got in touch with Katee after she posted a cover of one of his tracks, Purple Shadows.

Steve told the audience at Friday’s gig: “A few months ago somebody showed me on the YouTube this young girl doing a copy of one of my songs.

“I just thought what bigger compliment can someone pay you than to sing one of your songs, who is just a young person.

“So I then asked her if she would come here tonight.”

Peter, who is also Katee’s manager, said: “Katee met 
Steve in the early afternoon for a sound check and he was an 
absolute gentleman and couldn’t have been any more helpful.”

Both Katee and Peter hope the Wembley gig will prove 
to be the big break Katee is waiting for.

At the after-show party, 
Katee met several music industry figures who took away copies of her album Beautiful Dreamer and she hopes her performance may lead to a record deal.

The Bishopbriggs singer is now preparing to support Dougie MacLean at the Thomas Muir Festival in Cadder Church next month, which is looking like a sell-out.

She has also been offered a year-long contract to host an open mic in the Clutha Bar in Glasgow.