Jobs bombshell for EDC staff

UNISON has blasted the ‘insensitive’ way in which East Dunbartonshire Council has recently got rid of some of its staff.

Some staff were given 90-days-notice on Christmas Eve - sparking outrage at the way the situation has been dealt with by managers.

About 192 staff have been given notice - which breaks down into 96 property maintenance craft employees, 43 facilities management site co-ordinators and 53 roads maintenance workers .

A spokesperson for East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “Ninety day notices have been issued to three different groups of employees in respect of a change in employment terms and conditions, following extensive consultation and negotiations with our trades union colleagues, despite which we were unable to reach agreement.”

Jim Burnett, convener of East Dunbartonshire UNISON, said: “We are extremely disappointed that the council has decided to go down this road.

“We have always attempted to work in partnership with the council over potential job losses, to sit down and negotiate and find a solution, however in this case they chose to ignore the normal way we work and failed to use the strategic operating model.

“We are very disappointed that for these staff they adopted a different tactic and to serve some staff with their notice on Christmas Eve shows a remarkable lack of tact.

“We are aware that these are tough times and there will be job losses due to the restricted budget - however there is a way of doing it with sensitivity.

“We will potentially now go to ballot for strike action over some of these issues.”

On top of this about 160 full time posts in East Dunbartonshire Council are also going to be lost across various services.

A council spokesperson said: “The council has been asked to make around £30 million savings over the next three financial years. As such, it has undertaken a series of voluntary trawls which has led to early retirement or release for a number of employees.

“The council is doing everything in its power to avoid compulsory redundancies and has already agreed £6.5 million of revenue savings for 2011/12.

“It is anticipating an approximate reduction of about 160 full time posts across the various services of the council. The situation is a work-in-progress.”