Jo Swinson wins back East Dunbartonshire by a landslide

East Dunbartonshire Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson
East Dunbartonshire Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson

The Lib Dem’s Jo Swinson will be the new MP for East Dunbartonshire after beating the SNP’s John Nicolson by a large margin.

Ms Swinson received 21.023 votes, a majority of 5,339 over Mr Nicolson - who received 10 per cent less votes than in 2015, when he defeated Ms Swinson who was then the sitting MP.

The full results were:

Jo Swinson (Lib Dem) 21,023

John Nicolson (SNP) 15,684

Sheila Mechan (Conservative) 7,563

Callum McNally (Labour): 7,531

Ms Swinson said: “East Dunbartonshire voted strongly for Scotland to stay in the UK and the UK to stay in the EU and as your MP I will do my best to achieve that. In this victory I want to recognise and thank all those who put their usual party allegiance to one side to send a clear message that East Dunbartonshire does not want another divisive independence referendum. Nicola Sturgeon I hope you are listening.

She also paid tribute to murdered MP Jo Cox and the victims of the recent terror attacks.

She added: “Our elections by their nature are polarising but I am proud we can have our disagreements in a free and democratic process.

“I wont pretend I wasn’t gutted to lose two years ago. To represent East Dunbartonshire in parliament was an honour and a privilege and I so look forward to serving as your MP once more.”