Jamie rises to the challenge in Alpine run

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A Blanefield athlete has described the ‘madness’ she endured while taking part in a gruelling near-300km race across the European mountainside.

Jamie Aarons took part in the eight-stage Transalpine Run this month along with running partner Carrie Craig.

Beginning in Ruhpolding, near the southern edge of Germany, Jamie raced through the heartland of Austria and into Italy.

The mammoth event involved more than 40 hours of constant running across some of the most arduous terrain in the Alps.

In mid-July, Jamie and Carrie (both 34) responded to Facebook competition from organisers Gore-Tex who were offering free entry to the race along with all expenses paid.

Jamie said: “It was impossible not to do it, and it was just the right kind of madness for me and Carrie.

“We sent off our application and got word back at the start of August that we were selected.

“From there it was just a whirlwind because we only had about four weeks to prepare for it.

“We decided that for the first two weeks it would be a balance between training and just about killing ourselves, while the two weeks after were very much about recovery and self-preservation.”

The duo then made their way to the starting line before embarking on eight consecutive treks across the picturesque mountain range.

And the event proved draining for many as two thirds of the female pairs teams were forced to drop out due to fatigue or injury.

In the end, Jamie and Carrie came fifth after running the 293-km epic in just over 40 hours and 37 minutes.

“The event itself was brilliant,” Jamie added. “The scenery alone was simply stunning and the whole race was ridiculously well-

“And we found out that our prize included overnight stays in hotels each night so we felt a bit like celebrities at times.

“We are quite pleased that we completed the race in the time that we did; I think it was a good reflection of our base fitness as well as our team work.

“And really, we were delighted with that because we had very little preparation.

“It’s very much a bucket list event for a lot of people; something to experience at least once in your lifetime.”