Jamey Bowers is Taylor made for Miss World glory

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Milngavie stylist to the stars Taylor Ferguson has helped a talented young lady prepare for one of the biggest days of her life.

Taylor’s latest assignment with the striking Jamey Bowers - the current Miss Scotland – has been to prepare her for a trip to Bali and the Miss World finals.

Part of 23-year-old Jamey’s prize during her year-long reign as Miss Scotland is to have her haircare needs met by Taylor’s team in his Glasgow city centre salon.

Taylor, who lives in Milngavie with his wife Anne, has looked after a long list of big-name personalities including Suzanne Shaw, Darius, Penny Lancaster, Lulu, Colin and Justin, Michelle Mone and Rachel Hunter, said: “We’ve worked with the Miss Scotland contest winners for 11 years years now and we’ve had great fun with the girls. It’s always amazing watching their confidence grow as the year’s reign progresses.

“Jamey’s a stunning ambassador for Scotland and we’re hoping she can do great things in Bali when the finals take place on September 28. We’ll be watching to see how she gets on.

“As well as preparing with cutting and colouring, we also give the winner all the shampoo and conditioning treatments they need before they leave – and ensure they know how best to care for their hair especially in hotter climates such as Bali. Jamey also had a set of extensions applied to her hair to give her a really lustrous, big hair look.”

After Jamey left the salon before heading to Bali she said: “I’m in hair heaven! Loving how my hair’s looking.”