‘James Blond Boys’ help raise thousands

Twins Derek and Zac
Twins Derek and Zac

Cute twins from Bearsden dubbed the ‘James Blond Boys’ helped to raise £65,000 for Medical Aid to Pakistan by singing for nearly 450 people.

Six-year-old High School of Glasgow junior pupils, Derek and Zac Mickel, travelled to London with their mum Jo during the September weekend to perform a traditional Urdu song on stage for 446 Asian guests accompanied by guitarist Todd Shea, who once played with Guns and Roses and carries out a lot of charity work in Pakistan.

Friends of the family, who are originally from Pakistan, asked for their help after a the country was hit by a flood, and Jo joined the Medical Aid to Pakistan board of trustees about four years ago.

Derek and Zac were happy to don their tuxedos and perform the song - a British translation of the the traditional Urdu version which started with the words ‘We are buddies, without borders.’

The audience joined in and waved flags and it was filmed by Geo TV to be televised around Asia.

Mum Jo (41), said: “Some of the women got quite emotional.

“They were thrilled to see two wee boys singing a song that they had grown up with.

“Having Todd Shea on stage with them was wonderful, he helped to calm their nerves.

“Derek is a complete showman. He was impatient to get on stage and thought the chairman was speaking for too long!

“Zac was a bundle of nerves, but once he was up there he was fine. I’m very proud of them both, they have always wanted to help others less fortunate than themselves since they were very young.”

The twins also donated a giant bag of golden foil covered chocolate buttons at the event and £1,000. In the past the boys have raised money for Yorkhill Children’s Hospital and Action for Children Scotland by doing various things, including selling boxes filled with chocolate coins, toy cars and sweets.

Derek proudly told his J2 class all about their performance in London at his show and tell recently. He even gave them a rendition of the song! Mum Jo also took the boys to Buckingham Palace for the first time while they were in London to see the changing of the guard.

She said: “It was a big adventure for them and they thoroughly enjoyed it.”