It’s the end of the road for walker’s trusty boots

WHW boots 1
WHW boots 1

A WALKER who couldn’t face putting his or her walking boots in the bin because they had served them so well over the years left them at the obelisk at the start of the West Highland way in Milngavie.

Milngavie woman Fiona Crosbie was out for a stroll around the village with her daughter Clare McManus when they spotted the abandoned footwear.

Curiosity got the better of them and they read the note inside which said ‘Rest In Peace’ and listed the walks the owner had completed while wearing them. These included the West Highland Way, Mont Blanc, the Inca Trail in Peru and many other lesser-known trails through South America.

Fiona said: “Maybe they had just completed the West Highland Way and the boots had given out.

“I had to take a picture as I thought it was quite funny and I can identify with them as I’m a keen walker and have gone through many pairs of boots over the years myself.

“I know how attached you get to them and I still have some old boots in my cupboard at home.

“My husband says I should throw them out as I will never wear them again but I can’t bear to!”

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