It’s Mary - queen of chops!

Talor Ferguson and Mary Portas
Talor Ferguson and Mary Portas

THE queen of the shops Mary Portas met the king of the curls - Milngavie’s celebrity hair stylist Taylor Ferguson - when she was in his Bath Street salon in Glasgow recently for a hairdo.

Taylor is used to welcoming celebrity clients whenever they’re in town but he admitted he was slightly nervous at the prospect of styling the famously stern Mary Portas’s hair.

He said: “It’s the reputation that she’s built up on TV when she’s running riot through major shops and telling them what’s right and what’s wrong.

“I just didn’t know what to expect when she walked in. She’s also one of those famous individuals who has a hallmark hairstyle so I reckoned she’d be reluctant to discuss a major Mary makeover during her visit.

“In the end she was utterly charming and just sat back and relaxed during her visit. We blow-dried her hair in the style she’s used to. Her hair is in top class condition and the end result was excellent.

“I think we passed the Mary Portas test!”