It’s all white at burgh hall

BEARSDEN Burgh Hall car park is going to be fully resurfaced with new white markings thanks to a campaign by a local councillor.

A one way system with a separate entrance and exit at the much-used facility had become hazardous as the faded white lines were causing confusion.

Bearsden South Councillor Ashay Ghai highlighted the issue at the last council meeting and he has now received confirmation that £25,000 will be spent to solve the problem.

Mr Ghai said: “By investing a relatively small amount of money in council terms a major hazard will now be resolved. Bearsden Burgh Hall is a much used local asset which must be maintained and protected.

“It is important that we continue to invest in council properties that serve the community, even at these financially difficult times, if they are not to deteriorate to a level that makes them unviable.

“It was with this in mind that I also proposed and secured a major rewiring project for Kilmardinny House and I am pleased that this work is also to be shortly undertaken.”