Is your home secure?

Clober Road, Milngavie.
Clober Road, Milngavie.

Police are urging homeowners to make sure their property is secure - following a spate of recent break-ins and car thefts.

Five homes in Milngavie and Bearsden were robbed between Thursday and Saturday last week.

In each case the raiders gained access either through open or unlocked windows and doors, or had swiped car keys left in plain sight.

Last Thursday night a black Audi TT was taken from a house in Glasgow Road, Milngavie, while a yellow Volkswagen Beetle was stolen from outside a home on Clober Road on Friday.

On Saturday thieves stole a black Audi A3 from Arisaig Drive and a grey Audi A3 on Westbourne Drive, both Bearsden, and a black Peugot 107 from Dumbrock Road, Milngavie.

Police say the Audi TT and Audi A3 have since been recovered by officers.

Constable Alex Moore, community liaison officer for East Dunbartonshire, has called on residents to take greater care of their property.

He said; “Lock your doors.Although this seems obvious, many people still fail to do so.

“This makes it incredibly easy for a criminal to steal items without the difficulty of getting them out of the home and without leaving visible evidence of the theft. Also, close and lock windows, because just locking doors is pointless if you do not close your windows.

“Thieves love homes that are unprotected and easy to break into.”