Insurance hell for OAPs after they’re hit by Xmas flood

mr and mrs nicholson with damaged floor from being flooded on xmas day'em'4/1/10
mr and mrs nicholson with damaged floor from being flooded on xmas day'em'4/1/10
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AN elderly couple in Bearsden were forced to live with stinking carpets for weeks after their home was flooded on Christmas day.

A pipe in Alison (78) and Norman (84) Nicholson’s house leaked and water seeped on to carpets in the hall, two bedrooms and the bathroom.

It also poured down some of the walls from the loft causing damage to the decoration and ceilings.

A neighbour managed to shut off the pipe to stop the water flowing and the couple phoned their insurance company - Axa - who sent someone to deal with the initial problem and prevent any further damage.

But the couple were told by Axa that they could not get anyone out to lift the carpets until January 14.

So, in desperation, they attempted to shampoo the carpets themselves to suck up the water but they were so wet that they couldn’t dry them.

As a last resort Mr and Mrs Nicholson phoned The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald to ask for help - as they were considering attempting to lift the carpets themselves.

Mrs Nicholson said: “We felt as if no-one was listening to us.


“When I spoke to someone at the insurance company on Boxing Day they told us we were on a list of 500 jobs.

“We know lots of people had problems with bust pipes during the recent cold snap but didn’t think we’d have to wait so long to get the carpets lifted.

“The smell has been really disgusting - it was not a pleasant start to the New Year.

“We were also really concerned about the floorboards underneath getting rotten.”

Following a call from The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald last Tuesday, the insurance company Axa - which has Rias as the intermediary - contacted the couple on the very same day and apologised to them for not dealing with their claim sooner.

They said they hadn’t realised how bad the damage was and arranged for Chem Dry to go to the couples home on Wednesday, January 12.

A spokesperson for Rias said: “Due to the bad weather Axa was dealing with a large number of call outs.

“In this case they have now identified that the damage was more complex than they had originally thought.”