Inspiring Frankie is real eco-hero

Milngavie eco-hero Frankie Livingston
Milngavie eco-hero Frankie Livingston

She’s one of the hardest-working members of a ground-breaking Milngavie clean-up operation – and has now been given due recognition.

Milngavie woman Frankie Livingston has been awarded the prestigious Hero of the Month award by Clean Up Scotland in recognition of the impact she has made on litter in the area.

Frankie is a founding member of the Milngavie Clean Sweep initiative, and is credited with bringing about “huge transformations” in her neighbourhood, from tackling troublesomel littering sites to retrieving half-submerged supermarket trolleys from the river.

Along with her husband Hugh she has also helped to boost the profile of Clean Sweep and win more support for the project, from supermarket staff tov individual local volunteers.

They’re all said to be inspired by her infectious enthusiasm and passion for keeping Milngavie as litter-free as possible.

Frankie, delighted with her award, said: “I think it is important to pick up litter for a number of reasons. “It makes a big difference to the local area – even 30 minutes of litter picking can enhance the surroundings to no end.

“It is enjoyable. I am out in the fresh air, getting some exercise and doing something really useful.

“It feels good - I can walk through a park or along a street where I have litter picked and feel proud of what I’ve achieved. Perhaps, most importantly, it helps to prevent further littering.

“We hope people are less likely to drop litter in areas that are litter free.”

The Clean Up Scotland Hero award is supported by Helping Hand Environmental who provide each Hero with a Clean Up kit - including a new Scottish litter picker and handy hoop.

Derek Robertson, chief executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful said:“I congratulate Frankie for her continued commitment to preserving Milngavie’s natural beauty.

“Her efforts have helped to encourage many more local residents to take part in litter picking activities.

“Keep Scotland Beautiful recognises that there are many volunteers across Scotland working very hard to clean up and green up their local area.

“I would encourage everyone to consider nominating their local Clean Up Scotland Hero, so that they too can be recognised for their hard work.”

Further information on how to nominate your local hero can be found at