‘Injured people should sue council over state of pavements and roads’

Baljaffray Road.
Baljaffray Road.

People who were injured after falling on icy pavments should sue the council – that’s the call this week from one Bearsden woman.

Elizabeth Mooney, who is in her mid-60s, said: “The council failed to do its duty during the recent cold weather as the roads and pavements were not fit for purpose.

“Milngavie precinct was like an ice rink last Saturday with people skating around on it – it was very dangerous.

“Most pavements in Milngavie and Bearsden were hazardous as they had not been gritted.

“It was a ridiculous situation with many people unable to leave their houses.”

Elizabeth says three of her friends, also all in their 60s, were badly injured last week after they fell on slippery pavements.

One of them broke her wrist on Kessington Drive, in Bearsden, and she now has to get a metal plate inserted.

The second sustained cuts and bruises on her face and had to get teeth extracted after she fell against a lamp-post on Milngavie Road, in Bearsden, and the third lady broke her hip after falling at Bearsden Cross.

Elizabeth added: “My friends were all wearing sensible shoes but they still slipped.

“They were taken to hospital which costs the NHS money .

“Why should the NHS be forced to pick up the bill when it was a failure on East Dunbartinshire Council’s part.

“People should really claim compensation for their injuries from the council.

“I just think this has been appalling.”

Messages flooded onto our facebook page last week from other local people who were angry about the condition on pavements and roads in the area.

Beth Conway said Gartconnell Road, particularly the section between numbers 1-4 ‘down the lane’ which is used by many people walking to Bearsden Cross, including children, commuters and elderly folk from the sheltered housing nearby, was absolutely lethal, especially early in the morning.

James Spencer claimed the pavements and road in Ashburn Gardens, in Milngavie, hadn’t been gritted.

Christy McPherson said Greenhead Road in Bearsden was like an ice rink.

Grace Irvine, director of East Dunbartonshire Council’s neighbourhood services said: “The council approves our winter maintenance plan and the roads service delivers it with the resources available. “

She added: “East Dunbartonshire council treats a higher percentage of footpaths than most other councils and also provides more than 400 grit bins placed at strategic locations for local residents to use.”