Inconvenient loss of toilet is “degrading”

The feared loss of one of Milngavie’s few public toilets has prompted calls for the council to remedy what’s argued to be a “degrading scenario”.

The Unique Company is set to quit Milngavie Tourist Information Centre, and it isn’t yet known if the building’s toilet will continue in use under a new operator.

However the council aims to find a solution.

The situation has prompted local man John Sinclair to complain: “If much smaller communities throughout Scotland, and islands such as Orkney, can give the public well maintained toilets,

“East Dunbartonshire Council should be ashamed of the degrading scenario it has inflicted upon local residents and visitors.”

He added: “Many award winning public conveniences do charge a fee, but with all the advantages of having an attendant on site, most people would regard this as acceptable.

“With the closure of Milngavie Book Shop, and the proposed departure of the Unique Company, Milngavie is becoming culturally ever poorer, but I suspect that East Dunbartonshire Council has an agenda which would not consider this to be important.”

However Thomas Glen, the council’s director of development and regeneration, said: “Colleagues in Tourism and Estates are currently in initial discussions as regards the premises and the ongoing provision of a public toilet at this site.

“In addition public toilet facilities will continue to be available in Milngavie Town Hall and Milngavie Library during opening hours.”