In Pictures: Out of this world

The Aurora Borealis.'(Photo by Michael Alexander)
The Aurora Borealis.'(Photo by Michael Alexander)

The night sky came to life on Wednesday evening with the Aurora Borealis putting on an amazing show over much of the country.

More commonly known as the ‘Northern Lights’, the display is a result of solar particle activity in space.

Wednesday’s light show gave stargazers a real treat, and it is expected to be visible for much of the UK for the next few weeks so don’t put away your cameras just yet.

The Met Office News Blog states: “Over the next few weeks the likelihood of seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) here on Earth is on the increase as two space weather phenomena coincide.

“We are now in a period, lasting a few weeks, where these two factors are working together to increase the chances of geomagnetic disturbances, which in turn bring with them the aurora. The strength of the disturbance directly relates to how far south the aurora is visible (or how far north if you are in the southern hemisphere), and of course you need clear skies to see it.”

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