I scream, you scream, everyone screams to save St Jo’s Primary

Milngavie’s famous ice-cream shop Colpi’s is giving away 140 free cones to children this Saturday (September 7) in support of St Joseph’s Primary School.

The oldest shop in the town, four generations of the Colpi family have attended the school since it opened in 1873.

They are giving away one ice-cream cone for every year of the school’s existence.

Children will queue for their tasty treat after a planned protest at 1pm in the town centre, and the queue is expected to stretch from Colpi’s shop on Main Street to the clock.

Colpi’s is one of many local shops that are supporting the campaign to save Milngavie’s only Catholic school from closure. Chairman of Milngavie Traders Association, Ian Lavrie, explained that local businesses fear that if the closure goes ahead it could have devastating consequences for the town centre. One of the busiest times of the day is when children come home after school.

Terri Colpi, Colpi’s business development director, says it’s inconceivable that the school is being considered for closure as it has such a long history. She said: “St Joseph’s is part of the ‘beating heart of Milngavie’, to close it would be a blow to our sense of community and to the local shops. Colpi’s has been part of the local and business community for 85 years and we’d be sad to see it become a ghost-town dormitory suburb. We feel hopeful that East Dunbartonshire Council will reconsider its short sighted proposal.”

Laureen McIntyre, Chair of St Joseph’s Parent Council, said: “Our campaign to keep St Joseph’s in Milngavie is gathering support across the whole community.

“We were already expecting a big turnout for Saturday’s protest, but free ice cream for the kids is sure to push up the numbers even higher.”

Head of Education, Gordon Currie, said, “We are now into the second week of the statutory consultation around the future of St Joseph’s, Milngavie and St Andrew’s, Bearsden. Already some responses have been returned and I am hopeful that we will continue to receive more over coming weeks.

“I repeat that no decision has yet been made and that the council will collate all the consultation responses for consideration.”