Husband’s fury at wife’s NHS ordeal

Accident and emergency department
Accident and emergency department

A pensioner has hit out at the NHS this week after his wife was left ‘stranded’ outside their home at 5am after she was sent home from hospital.

John Mann’s 83-year-old wife, Fiona, was discharged from The Western Infirmary’s A&E at 4am on Thursday, February 26 and placed unnaccompanied in a taxi.

Ex-serviceman Mr Mann (88), from Montrose Drive in Bearsden, was shaken awake by a neighbour who had a spare key to his home.

They had been alerted to Mrs Mann’s plight by the taxi driver, who was not sure what to do when no-one answered the door at her home.

Not expecting his wife to be returning until the next day, Mr Mann had gone to bed.

He had not accompanied his wife to the hospital because he is registered blind.

Mrs Mann had been suffering from severe back pain for two weeks when they called an ambulance at about 5pm on Wednesday, February 25. It arrived six hours later (at 11.30pm).

Mr Mann said: “My wife had been in bed for over two weeks and she was in a lot of pain. Her GP said she could have a cracked vertebrae or osteoarthritis.

“Despite this she was not given an x-ray in A&E.

“She was also not given any medication and had to take paracetamol to ease the pain. She was very distressed and sobbing.”

He added: “I’m furious, why did they send her home without checking that she could get into the house?”

A spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: “We are sorry to hear that this patient’s husband has concerns regarding her discharge home. The clinical team at A&E assessed her fully and considered her be to fit and well for discharge. It was also known that there was someone at home.

“Arrangements for the patient to be followed up in the community were also made prior to her discharge with a plan for a visit to her home later that day by the community rehab team.”