Huge crowd for Yes Campaign meeting in Milngavie

Around 150 people from flocked to a Yes Campaign meeting in Milngavie Town Hall last week.

The event, chaired by Milngavie MSP Gil Paterson, had been scheduled to take place in the small meeting room but the venue had to be changed to the main hall to accommodate the many people of all ages who turned up.

The speakers were journalist Ruth Wishart and writer Michael Gray, a former Bearsden Academy pupil, who both spoke on the benefits of Independence and answered questions from the floor on aspects of the referendum.

An exit poll showed that 50 per cent of those who were undecided when entering the meeting had changed their minds and now plan to vote Yes on September 18.

Mrs Wishart said: “This isn’t a vote for one party or another, it’s about the heart, soul and future of Scotland and that was enough to get me off the fence of neutrality. With the powers of a normal independent nation we can create a fairer society whilst maintaining our strong bonds with people across these islands.

“Norway and Sweden are an excellent example of this, two successful countries now independent of each other but who still have strong cultural and social ties.”

Mr Gray said: “Scotland has everything it needs to be a successful independent country. We contribute more financially to the UK than we get back. This extra wealth was worth £8.3billion in the last five years alone.

“Our vast natural wealth has been squandered by governments in Westminster that we did not vote for. It can be different though. With a Yes vote we’ll have control over our own finances.

“Instead of spending billions on Trident nuclear weapons we can revolutionise childcare and get more women in to the workforce.”

This was the third and final Yes meeting in Bearsden & Milngavie in March. The campaign will now be following this by delivering information on Scotland’s finances to every home in the area.