Housing development sparks traffic fears

Homeowners in Bearsden are concerned an increase in traffic could be dangerous to children if a new 80 home development is approved.

Mansell Homes has submitted a planning application to build on a site at Kessington Farm, close to Boclair Academy and adjacent to Inveroran Drive.

Sheila Ward, from Inveroran Drive, who has lived in her house for the past 39 years said: “Many things have changed in the time I have been here and I can only see the traffic getting worse with this development.”

Mr Ward is now so concerned about this development that she has leafleted many of the houses in her area urging fellow residents to oppose this development.

She added: “Rannoch Drive and Inveroran Drive are both very busy at the moment with the closure of Boclair Road. Because of the traffic calming in Rannoch Drive more traffic has been diverted along Inveroran Drive.

“All the parked cars and increase in traffic are very dangerous for children. The route and the speed of traffic has changed over the years. I fear this area is an accident what to happen. Although we have only had one accident, that thankfully was not fatal since I’ve been here, I can only see things getting worse with an additional 80 homes being built.”

Recently more than 50 concerned people attended a heated public meeting organised by Bearsden East Community Council to express their concerned.

Local resident, Craig Donaldson was worried that much of Templeton woodland may be destroyed due to the construction of housing.

Molly Shepherd from Inveroran Drive said: “I think the developers have underestimated the amount of additional cars that will be using the roads. The developers say it will be 50 cars for 80 homes, but lots of homes in Bearsden have two cars.”

“The application also suggests only 16 children would live in 80 homes, but That is quite unreasonable to suggest, especially when the housing development is next door to a school.

No one was available for comment from Mansell Homes as the Herald went to press.

A council spokesperson said no date has been set to discuss it, but it would probably be early next year.