Hot response for East Dunbartonshire Council’s electric blanket testing

Free electric blanket testing scheme was a success
Free electric blanket testing scheme was a success
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There has been a hot response from residents for the council’s electric blanket testing scheme, with 100 per cent of users saying they were ‘very satisfied’.

The Trading Standards team offered free electric blanket safety tests in September for people over 60 years of age living in East Dunbartonshire, as part of its commitment to consumer safety.

Thanks to funding from the Community Safety Partnership, the team was able to test 76 electric blankets, all of which were collected from residents’ homes and returned to them if a pass was achieved. For those blankets that failed the testing, their owners were given an Argos voucher to help with a replacement.

Council leader Rhondda Geekie said: “Once again this scheme has been a great success and older people in our area are safer as a result. Of the 76 tested, 22 blankets failed the safety test, which equates to 29 per cent. Thankfully these are now no longer in use and their owners can buy new, safe ones with their vouchers. It really is a win win situation.”

Another highlight of the scheme is the response it received from users. Thirty people took advantage of the scheme, all of whom said they were ‘very satisfied’. Responses included: “It’s wonderful; very grateful for the service given”, “It gives me the feeling of great security”, “an excellent, potentially life-saving service” and “staff were very efficient and friendly – a credit to EDC.”

Councillor Geekie added: “This is great feedback from residents and the team should be very proud of what they have achieved. People can – literally – sleep sounder in their beds this winter; safe in the knowledge their electric blanket is not dangerous. I think it’s something to be proud of.”

As part of the project, the council has also working in partnership with Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, offering a FREE Home Fire Safety visit. To date, 25 households have taken up this opportunity, where they discuss a fire escape plan, and fit smoke alarms free of charge for those who need them.