HMRC phone scam warning after Kirkintilloch pensioner is targeted

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A pensioner in Kirkintilloch wants to warn people to beware of telephone scammers claiming to be from HM Revenues and Custom.

Jane Watson (76) answered her home landline to a recorded message which said HMRC were bring a lawsuit against her.

The senior citizen was asked to phone another number - 0161 8508494 - and press ‘1’ to speak to an officer dealing with the case.

Jane said: “The voice was male and very posh. I hung up - but 10 minutes later the phone went again, and I heard the same recorded message.

“I phoned the police who told me it was a new scam.

“I think people should be warned about this. I would hate for anyone to be taken in and cheated out of cash.”

A police spokesman said elderly people in particular were being targeted by the telephone fraudsters and urged anyone receiving such a call to hang up. He also warned against giving out any bank details over the phone.

A spokesperson for HMRC said they were aware of the scam and added that incidents can be reported by calling the Action Fraud line on 0300 123 2040.