Hitting back at teen tearaways

McDonalds Bearsden.
McDonalds Bearsden.

McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Bearsden has been forced to take drastic action due to bad behaviour by groups of youths.

The area manager, John Higgins, has placed signs on every table which explain that due to a number of “anti-social” behaviour issues within the restaurant, they are enforcing a strict “Anti-Social Behaviour Policy.”

The signs state that groups of youngsters will have a maximum dine-in time of 30 minutes, while any alcohol-related issues will result in removal from the restaurant and the police being called.

The sign also says that there has been far too many occasions where groups just congregate and loiter in the restaurant and this will “no longer be tolerated by staff and managers”.

Area manager, John Higgins, said: “We did have a problem with lots of young ones hanging about and taking up 30 to 40 seats.

“There was one occasion when youths had been drinking and we called the police.

“I was very surprised to have this problem in this area, but all in all the kids here are well behaved.

“There’s just a minority who have caused trouble.

“The local police have been great in helping us and we’d like to thank them for their assistance.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “The safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees are of the highest priority.

“Across the UK, on a case-by case basis, measures are introduced at some of our sites to support our staff in maintaining a safe, family-friendly atmosphere in the restaurants.

“In Bearsden, the restaurant team trialled a number of measures following complaints from customers and employees about a handful of anti-social behaviour incidences.

“These measures are designed to make sure a small minority of individuals do not disrupt the enjoyment of our customers and have so far been a success.”