Help to stop an alien invader from taking over Milngavie

skunk cabbage
skunk cabbage

A CALL to arms has been made to the people of Milngavie and Bearsden to help repel an alien invasion.

Volunteers are needed to give their all in the fight against a nasty green-space invader.

People are being urged to fight the menace by whatever means necessary - even lopping of their heads if need be.

However, don’t worry as there will be no bloodbath when the fightback begins - as the ‘aliens’ are big green plants rather than little green men.

Milngavie In Bloom is organising an assault on a colony of invasive skunk cabbage plants which have taken root at a beauty spot and are spreading fast to other areas.

The distinctive plants are originally from North America, but years ago they ‘jumped the fence’ from local gardens into the wild.

They are now firmly established on Barloch Moor in Milngavie and have begun to spread down watercourses.

The plants can been seen down a stratch of the Allander near Tesco, and there is a growing patch of them next to the river at Lennox Park.

Milngavie in Bloom, in conjunction with East Dunbartonshire and Mugdock Country Park Ranger Service volunteers, will make a stand at Barloch Moor from am till noon on Monday, May 20.

Douglas Cameron, who is co-ordinating the project for the environmental improvement group, wants to see as many people as possible come along.

He said: “Milngavie in Bloom wants to prise people free of their armchairs and get them involved in their local community by helping on their CSV Action Earth project.

“We will be decapitating the invading skunk cabbage plants to prevent them from spreading further downstream.

“Please meet us at Barloch Moor just off Mugdock Road, to help us save our native species from these alien marauding plants. Remember to bring your wellies and garden shears, if possible.

A further cabbage clobber will take place at the same location from 10am till noon on Monday, June 10.

To get involved, call Mr Cameron on 0141 956 5546.