Help for Tinnitus sufferers

Tinnitus Awareness Week from February 2-8 aims to bring the condition of hearing noises in the head and/or ears to the attention of thousands across the UK.

Tinnitus is an unseen condition which can cause distress to individuals of any age and affects at least one in 10 of the UK population, a massive 6.3 million. It can be mild to severe and can affect sleep, concentration and can lead to anxiety and depression.

The Hearing Clinic UK now has a clinic in Graemes Pharmacy, Station Road, Milngavie, and Sutties Pharmacy on Drymen Road, Bearsden.

They offer a wide range of services including hearing health checks, full diagnostic hearing assessments and earwax removal using the gentle and safe microsuction technique. To make an appointment call 0141 332 3434 or visit