Help for tenants

Tenants frustrated by the level of assistance from landlords now have some help from the the body overseeing them.

The Scottish Housing Regulator has recently published an information leaflet on Complaints and Significant Performance Failures.

The SHR regulates around 180 registered social landlords along with the housing activities of 32 local authorities.

The leaflet provides information to help tenants and tenant groups understand how they can raise concerns about the services their landlord is providing.

It also explains the different roles that the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman and the Scottish Housing Regulator play in the process.

Christine Macleod, the Director of Regulation, said: “Our job is to protect the interests of people who receive services from social landlords. It is therefore important that we know when a social landlord fails to fulfil a legal requirement or a commitment made to their tenants. We hope that this new leaflet, which was developed with input from our tenant assessors, will help tenants to take forward their complaint or concern”.