mclays funeral directors, patricia lindsay next to smashed windows'em'1/8/11
mclays funeral directors, patricia lindsay next to smashed windows'em'1/8/11

HEARTLESS vandals went on a rampage in Milngavie on Friday night - smashing all the windows at McLays Funeral Directors.

When staff arrived to open the funeral home in Crossveggate Estate on Saturday morning they discovered to their horror that someone had thrown concrete blocks and stones at both glass windows.

Luckily they are laminated, which prevented the culprits from completely destroying them, however the office, reception area and couch were covered in glass splinters.

The cost of repairs is going to run into hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds.

The manager, John Boyle, said: “This was a particularly insensitive and sickening act.

“One window had been struck at least four times, our signage was also damaged.


“As a funeral director in the community, we are there to assist people in their time of need and this is a place of solace to those we look after.

“To attack us in my view is the same as if a local church or place of worship was targeted.

“Thankfully they did not succeed in completely destroying the windows and getting in.”

Residents nearby are appalled that anyone would do this and many of them say they saw youths misbehaving in the area on Friday night, which they reported to the police.

Mr Boyle added: “We have served generations of families in Milngavie over the years and our building has very special memories for a lot of people.

“By doing this these vandals have attacked the people of Milngavie.

“It’s wrong to vandalise anywhere but it’s especially despicable to do it to a funeral home.

“We were fortunate that we didn’t have a family coming in to see us on Saturday as they’d have been faced with this chaos at the same time as coping with the grief of having lost a loved one.”

The police are investigating this crime and if you have any information contact Milngavie police office on 0141 532 4000 or phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to report anonomously.