Healthy pupils strike gold

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Killermont Primary School has been awarded with a gold star from Sportscotland after proving that health and fitness was top of the agenda.

The prestigious Gold School Sport Award was presented to staff and pupils at the school on Wednesday, February 18 after coming out on top during a rigorous assessment period.

The school showed that it provides quality physical education and gives pupils the opportunity to compete with their peers, take part in community sport and become leaders within the PE department.

Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health, said: “The Gold Sport Award is not an easy thing to achieve, so it’s a real tribute to the dedication of everyone involved.

“If young people get involved in sport and physical activity at an early age then they’re more likely to keep those good habits going into adult life.”

The award will help ensure that school sport is at the heart of each school and its wider community. It will also encourage schools to ensure there are opportunities for all children and young people to engage, participate and reach their potential in this area.

Elspeth Smith, head teacher of Killermont Primary School, said that the award was important in conveying the importance of sport and would help the children to understand the lifelong benefits of staying healthy and fit.

She said: “In all aspects of school life we have very high expectations for all of our children.

“We seek to encourage them to always do their best; we are actively “growing” the local and national sporting heroes of the future and events like the commonwealth Games have helped us to let our children see that they have the potential to always ‘go for gold.’”

Sportscotland as an organisation is putting young people at the centre of their efforts, working with partners in local authorities and governing bodies of sport to create closer links between physical education, school sport and club sport.

Councillor Maureen Henry, vice convener of education, said the school’s ethos towards health and fitness and their enthusiasm for sport was “quite inspirational”.