Balfron’s James Sneddon pioneers IDD medical equipment


JAMES SNEDDON is the pioneer of new medical technology that’s bringing much-needed cures and relief to patients suffering from acute pain.

The Balfron man has brought high-tech equipment to the UK and it is producing outstanding results.

I have first-hand knowledge of Mr Sneddon’s treatment as it’s thanks to this that I got my feet back under the editor’s desk after many months’ absence.

It really was the last throw of the dice for me in my bid to return to work as more orthodox and alternative methods had failed to produce any lasting relief.

High doses of painkillers along with physiotherapy treatment, acupunture and visits to chiropractice clinics proved unsuccessful in treating my cervical spine damage.

Surgery was then ruled out, due to the risk of infection or paryalysis, but fortunately for me a friend recommended a visit to the Buckingham Clinic in Glasgow.

In a consultation with clinic principal Mr Sneddon, during which he looked at my x-ray and MRI scan results and carried out orthopaedic tests, he said that although results could not be guaranteed, he felt that there was a 75 per cent chance of success for me with IDD treatment.


This was the first time I had heard of IDD – Intervertebral Differential Dynamics – which is an advanced computer-controlled method of treating prolapsed/herniated disc and degenerative disc disease, as well as lower back and sciatic pain.

An intensive stage of 10 daily treatments on the Accu-spina machine followed but, as Mr Sneddon had earlier advised, there was no instant relief.

The next 10 sessions over a longer period produced remarkable results with the ease of head and neck movement and a great decrease in pain.

The treatment itself is best descibed as 30 minutes of relaxation as you lie back on the machine.

It was accompanied by Phyback, which is another revolutionary therapy treatment that sends impulses to relieve pain and aid the healing process.

Rehabilitation after the treatment included building up muscles and some stretching in the clinic’s Medx Core gym facility.

A quick return to work came after my treatment at the Buckingham Clinic in Great Western Road and I would recommend a visit for anyone suffering from a similar problem.

Mr Sneddon, who qualified in naturopathy and osteopathy in 1972, has established himself as one of the leading osteopaths in the country.

He introduced IDD therapy to the clinic 18 months ago when he brought the first Accu-spina machine to Britain.

Mr Sneddon (61) said: “My original interest in IDD therapy came about through frustration with some types of prolapse disc that would not respond to normal physiotherapy and manipulative treatment. No matter what you tried they just did not respond.

“Many of these patients had to be referred on for surgery. I thought ‘what are they doing in other countries’?

“While browsing the internet I found that in the US, where litigation costs are so high, they were trying to avoid invasive surgery with the potential complications that come with this type of treatment.

“Neurosurgeons and physical therapists had taken the principal of traction and made it targetable by introducing different degrees of flexion at the same time.

“Through trials they discovered that differing degrees of flexion affected different levels in both the cervical and lumber spine.

“I spoke at length with different practitioners and they all stated that they were achieving results that before had been impossible.

“We took the risk and bought the first machine in the UK. The results were so good we purchased the second machine within a year.

“I feel that this has now helped a great many patients get their quality of life back.”

Mr Sneddon and his wife Carolyn, who is a director of the clinic, also have a state-of-the-art practice at their home in Balfron where many of the treatments available at the Glasgow clinic, including osteopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, remedial massage and pilates, are on offer.

For further details on the clinics call 0141 339 4340 or 01360 440970.