Health experts warn: don’t feed urban foxes

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Public health experts are warning householders not to feed urban foxes.

A new document entitled Urban Foxes: Guidelines On Their Management produced by a coalition of health and conservation organisations provides the most up to date advice and guidance on practical methods to control the urban fox population.

Left unchecked, foxes - which are common in Milngavie and Bearsden gardens - can cause disturbance, nuisance and in rare cases a public health threat.

The urban environment provides a very suitable environment for foxes to live, breed and thrive.

Poor food waste management at fast food outlets and restaurants, overgrown back gardens, gaps under sheds and house foundations and broken air vents are all contributory factors to the successful colonisation of urban areas for foxes.

Some people enjoy seeing foxes in their gardens and actively encourage them by providing food.

However, key recommendations in the document include not feeding the animals either intentionally or unintentionally, and ensuring rubbish and compost is stored properly.